In the heart of downtown Vienna, there is a new home for aficionados of traditional Viennese taverns, where no detail is too small. Lugeck serves Austrian cuisine in a classic ambience reviving comfort and hospitality in one of the most picturesque and storied buildings in Vienna. But don’t take our word for it — only seeing is believing.

Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien | [email protected] | +43 1 512 50 60
Lugeck is ready to serve you daily from 11:30 to 24 p.m.
Warm eats are available from 11.30 - 9.30 p.m.

Unser Restaurant bleibt aufgrund der aktuellen Situation vorübergehend geschlossen.

Über die weiteren Entwicklungen informieren wir Sie über unsere sozialen Netzwerke.
Wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute und freuen uns, Sie bald wieder bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen.

Ihr Lugeck Team



Marinated beetroot & salmon
Jerusalem artichoke cream, caviar & toast

Cream of parsnip soup
crispy sesame stick & parsley pesto

Wagyu beef burger
Cheddar, truffle mayo, avocado, caramelized onion & Lugeck fries

Saddle of venison
hazelnut crust, celeriac, brussel sprouts, bacon & juniper

Chestnut mousse
advocaat pastry & berries

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The finest address for your events.

Our Lugeck Extrazimmer provides you the perfect atmosphere to discuss or celebrate anything - a meeting, a press conference, a company party or a private dining experience. Take a look at our event site for further information or contact your personal event coordinator for an individual offer. We look forward to hearing from you!


Long before opening Lugeck, brothers Hans and Thomas Figlmüller took an active interest in Viennese tavern culture. They dusted off and studied their grandmother’s old cookbooks and heavily researched the traditions of Austrian cuisine, as well as the countless taverns, which plated such dishes. With the research done came the idea—revive traditional Viennese cuisine and classic tavern culture at Lugeck.

Guests should feel as if they have stepped back in time to the ‘good old days,’ when people spent free time together with innkeepers and not glued in front of the tube. Lugeck is the new home for all Viennese men and women with a propensity to eat, and eat well, and for those that appreciate the intricacies of a handcrafted selection of wine and beer.

A great house with an even greater tradition.

The Regensburger Hof building at Lugeck is considered one of the most picturesque and storied buildings in Vienna. First erected in the 14th century and rebuilt in 1897, the address has always been brimming with life. It was not only a place of shelter and trade for the merchants from Regensburg, but also staged fetes representative of the Habsburg House. Today, the Regensburger Hof building is a beloved photo motif for tourists. And we strongly believe it was time to add another chapter to its illustrious history.

Reviving Viennese tavern culture means retaining it.

We do not take this task lightly. Taverns functioned as extended living rooms far beyond Viennese borders. It is no stretch to draw parallels between the taverns of yesterday and the social media services of today: They were places to meet and exchange views with close friends, familiar acquaintances and complete strangers, or get the latest news by word of mouth. Albeit none of this happened in the subdued seclusion in front of a computer screen—rather in jovial fellowship with the accompaniment of fine food and a glass of local wine or two. 

Back to the roots of good taste.

In addition to the culinary classics of Austrian cuisine, Lugeck offers an ever-changing array of seasonal offerings, as well as lighter interpretations of classic fare that are perfect for lunch-time appetite. Our attention to detail begins with superb, hearty breads and ends with a handcrafted coffee—key to closing any meal worth its salt.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: the passion for good taste lies in the family.

Tavern keeper Johann Figlmüller, great grandfather of Hans jun. and Thomas Figlmüller, in Vienna in 1962.

The Father of Refreshment: Herr Frischend, the organic fizzy pop from Figlmüller.

If Herr Frischend could speak, he’d be sure to pop off about how he’s made of the best ingredients and that his company is exclusively found at Lugeck. While he might have been a bothersome earful, he is a delectable mouthful. Grab a bottle and see what all the fuss is about.

Food for thought — some things never go out of style

At Lugeck, you can not only expect exceptional Austrian cuisine, but also a wide selection of high-quality wines and craft beers.

Our MENU offers classic recipes as well as lighter interpretations of traditional dishes.
For seasonal tastes we are offering our MONTHLY SPECIALS. 

For our WINE LIST sommelière Fiona Figlmüller expertly selected exciting wines that aren’t readily found no matter the street. But take a look – and a swig — for yourself!


Book your piece of Viennese tavern culture.

The popularity of Viennese cuisine is rising fast. As such, we recommend reserving a table ahead of time. Simply book your spot online or call us at +43 1 512 50 60. We look forward to your visit!

Some things change nevertheless: smokers have to take it outside. However, take a deep breath and relax smokers, there is a smoking area right in front of the restaurant where you can enjoy a post-meal breathing stick. And by the way, Lugeck is handicap accessible: use our staff elevator to reach the second floor and our toilets. Dogs are welcome at Lugeck, as well.

Kindly make your group reservation for more than 6 persons either by phone or by e-mail


It's like being there before you go: the Lugeck slideshow.

Take a glimpse inside Lugeck. We’ll update the gallery regularly to keep impressions current. Make sure you drop by again soon.

One of the most storied buildings in Vienna. The Regensburger Hof building at Lugeck 4.

Classic tavern charm in a sleek and stylish atmosphere.

Look at all that table space for one of our numerous craft beers!

Lugeck is the latest chapter in the long, storied history of Viennese taverns.

Lugeck offers the best food and wine with plenty of space to spare - in summer even outside.

Attention-grabber at Lugeck: oscillating stairs enclosed by porcelain-enamel tiles by Austrian kitchenware manufacturer Riess.

A quaint and private ambience is created through cleverly placed room dividers.

Classic Austrian dishes meet their creative and lighter interpretations. During sunny days best enjoyed on our shady terrace.

Modern design with impressions of the good old days, when the tavern was the place for a daily meet and greet.

Not just about the looks: the Lugeck steak served on a wooden board.

Simply a classic: our steak tartare with traditional marinade.

We’re bound to have at least one. For example, our house beer the Lugeck Spezial brew: well-balanced and palatable.

Suds at their refreshing best: straight from the tap.

Some have already hailed it as their favorite: Lugeck’s famed in-house sourdough bread made with 100% rye.

A genuine slice of Heaven on Earth: our house black pudding atop potato mash and a roasted Boskop apple.

The organic fizzy pop beverage from House Figlmüller is refreshing, fruity, delish and the undisputed king of thirst quenchers. Say hello to papa fresh himself: Herr Frischend. There are four different flavors to please your palette.

The taste is divine and knows how to please: Kaiser goulash with veal and soft dumplings.

Life is sweet when dessert’s involved: sweet-cream strudel in vanilla sauce.

Words could never suffice. We’ll just call it what it is: Lugeck’s chocolate cake.

Good taste gone back to the roots: our house Tafelspitz, a classic of Viennese cuisine.

Small on size, big on flavor—our tavern burger’s a great call for any occasion.

Love at first glance? Too many choices? Decisions, decisions…

We dare you to find a better starter: Tafelspitz aspic with scarlet runners and black salsify.



For centuries, the Regensburger Hof building functioned as a place for the Regensburg merchants to unload their wares, fill their hungry stomachs, and rest their heads. First recorded by name in the late 14th century, it was roughly a century later that the building blossomed into one of the most significant houses for the city's upper class, where splendid feasts and spirited balls drew crowned heads. With the onset of the modern era, the shine and splendor of days gone by faded and the building subsequently served as tenement quarters until it was razed in 1896. During the time of Viennese industrial Expansion and urban redevelopment, Franz von Neumann erected a new building at Lugeck that was withdrawn, yet more voluminous, which continues to shape the beloved square today.

The term Lugeck has ist root in the German auslugen (peek), as the two corner towers provide excellent cover to peer around the corner unseen. There is also a place of legend in the heart of Lugeck: where the monument of Johannes Gutenberg stands today was once home to circular chasm, in which the most-popular legend states that the Old Pummerin bell of Stephansdom, destroyed in World War II, was originally cast.



Lugeck is perhaps the most modern of the city's taverns, yet one that retains traditional and renowned Viennese character - beauty, after all, requires context. Architect Gregor Eichinger's leitmotif to the internal décor can be summed up by "build upon what's known to create something new." The storied tavern Location has been reinterpretated and reconceptualized with modern zeitgeist.



Instead of the typical translucent "bottle green" ceramic tiles, Gregor Eichinger decorated the Dining room interior with a material orginally at home in the kitchen: porcelain enamel. This serves as the tavern's central aesthetic component, while the staircase and the bar form the room's natural core.




Above the bar hang chandeliers made of repurposed beer glasses - a clear nod to the typical Viennese tankard, the krügerl.

Suspended lamps and light columns create an area of fcus for your gaze, so that the interior does not flood seamlessly into the hustle and bustle of the cty through the large, prominent glass façade.



Chairs and benches made of sturdy beech wood mesh perfectly with classic tavern ambience; yet retain their own character through delicate veve and stubborn form. The spacious seating surface allows for comfortable and secure storage of a bag behind the extended armrests. By placing two seats side-by-side a bench is formed. high backrests provide benches on the second floor with room dividers and privacy screens.

Classic draperies typical to tavern entrances can be found on the second floor and are instrumental in ensuring private booths.



To give Lugeck the charm of an old acquaintance, resopal and linoleum have been deployed: you won't find classic table cloths, rather tables with a classic diamond finish made of resopal. Black linoleum is the dominating feature on the ground floor to underscore the rustic, earthy tavern character.


By taking a seat in this historic house, the tavern will seep into your Memory consciously or subconsciously. Personal and mutual tavern yarns coming together in the now.


In Vienna,
service begins with

Located in the heart of downtown Vienna, Lugeck sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s just a short walk from the Stephansplatz subway stop (U3, U1) and the Schwedenplatz station (U4, U1 and numerous tram lines). If you’re coming by car, be sure to leave yourself time to find a parking spot. The closest parking garages are at near Am Hof, Stephansplatz (on the corner of Schulerstraße) and at Franz-Josefs-Kai (Schwedenplatz).

Lugeck 4, 1010 Vienna | [email protected] | +43 1 512 50 60

Can’t wait to see you here!  But if you want to be seen while you’re here, come by when we’re open.

Lugeck is ready to serve you from 11:30 to midnight, Monday through Sunday. Warm eats are available until 9.30 p.m. 

In the heart of the city, yet in a completely different world.

Despite being located smack dab in the middle of District 1, Lugeck offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle around Graben, Stephansplatz and Kärtnerstraße behind the Gutenberg monument. 


The first place for seminars, conferences and events.

Our Extrazimmer for something extra special. While Lugeck is committed to the traditional Viennese tavern culture, we are no foes of modern technology for meetings, seminars or press conferences. But our private room is also perfect for family celebrations or a private dinner.

In addition to the location, food and drink play a major roll. Be it sweets for a coffee break during a seminar, finger food for a press conference or fine dining in an intimate atmosphere, our menu and staff leave nothing left to be desired.

Our event coordinator rests on your disposal for further details by phone at +43 1 512 50 60 532 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Event Website


What would a Viennese tavern be without literati?

We’ve done enough jabbering for one day. Sneak a peak at our press section and read what contemporary friends of the pen have to say about Lugeck. If you would like further information or are a journalist, please contact [email protected] or give us a call at +43 1 512 50 60.

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